Helpful Running Gear and Accessories

Certain accessories can help you improve your running and complement your clothing like headbands and sweat bands. If you are the kind of runner that sweats a lot, then these items will come in handy as you extend beyond 10 kilometers. Basketball athletes use them when running up and down the court. Headgear like caps and shades can help you against the rays of the sun or windbreakers or sports jackets for cold weather.Other support apparel would include support socks with additional cushion that can help prevent foot injuries, knee support, ankle support, and braces if there are existing injuries that can hamper a good run. And if you are not content with that 10 kilometer run because there’s no uphill climb near you, you can try putting in leg weights above your shoes to give you enough challenge to jog the same distance and making your legs stronger.A hydration pouches containing your water or thirst quenchers can help you go the distance. Belt bags, small pouches containing hand towels, liquid gels, and pocket money for commuting back home in case you get tired. And arm or waist pouches containing your cell phone and keys.Gadgets like watches with heart monitors can help you keep tabs on your heart rate and a pedometer helps keep track of the distance and the steps you took while running. Other electronic devices would include timers and the usual mp3 players to store music that complements your regimen. High-end branded headphones that are aerodynamically designed to match your shades are available in certain stores.